The Sexuality Liberators And Movers 

4 Youth Conference

Join esteemed sex educators, therapists,

two-days of critical youth centric skill building


May 18-19.png

Have you been using the same “comprehensive” sex ed curriculum for eons? 

Do you work with or parent youth? How prepared are you for “THE TALK?” 

Need help making your sex ed more engaging, inclusive and liberatory


On May 18th & 19th, 2023 pick up the invaluable tools needed to critically analyze and improve dated lesson plans and understandings of sex positivity in youth-centered work. 

This virtual summit aims to brings together [Sex] educators, therapists, teachers, counselors, parents + caregivers to demand better of our youth work and ourselves.

While this conference highlights positions like sex educators/clinicians, as people who would be perfect attendees - it doesn't stop there. 

If you have the opportunity to work with, raise, parent, support or mentor youth in anyway - this conference is for you.


 Now you're scratching your head wondering why a sex ed conference would be good for a parent or school teacher who isn't explicitly responsible for sex education...

The reason is simple: young people will not wait for you to have a role, title, or certification to begin exploring their sexuality or coming to you with questions. 


Official workshops will be publicized Jan. 16th, 2023