Gatekeeping is the act of deciding who is allowed access.

It favors those already in positions of power.


How many well-meaning/well-intentioned people in privilege have claimed to want to do better? Boldly stated that they are committed to empowering marginalized voices/communities?


But still no significant changes can be seen or felt…



In this session you will be challenged to recognize the power you hold, and the impact of passive/active gatekeeping. Your facilitator will move you through a process of connecting your privilege to biases, and biases to practices. If you are coming to this session, please come with the understanding that you will be uncomfortable. Through that disc­omfort you will learn how to be pro-active in uplifting marginalized voices and communities.


Talk about it, be about it.

Webinar- Letting Go: The Gatekeepers Guide to Upward Mobility

  • File will be sent a .zip to participant e-mail address. Unzip, download and enjoy! 

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