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"Always the Hopper, Never the Homie" is an insightful exploration of the challenges and consequences associated with pervasive issues, particularly as they manifest in classrooms. This workshop aims to create a space for reflection and dialogue, encouraging sexuality professionals that work with youth, to critically examine how toxic masculinity and misogynoir impact the learning environment and youth’stransition into adulthood. Sexuality educators play a crucial role in shaping the attitudes and perspectives of students regarding gender, sexuality, and relationships. Understanding and addressing toxic masculinity and misogynoir in the classroom is essential for the following reasons: promoting healthy relationships, fostering inclusive learning environments, empowering students, and inviting an intersectional approach to gender and sexuality as it relates to black and brown youth.

S.L.A.M.-Examination of Toxic Masculinity & Misogynoir in the Classroom

  • Your replay access will be sent via cloud link for 2 week password protected access. If you have not received your link within 24 hours, please email:

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