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Say the P-Word!


In this workshop, participants are to reflect upon the value of discussing pleasure (and/or simply feeling good) in our sex ed classrooms and learning spaces. There's often a fear and stigma when it comes to discussing pleasure with young people when there doesn't need to be.Pleasure is a measure of safety. Pleasure is a tool of harm reduction. Please is a tactic for our collective liberation. Afrosexology reminds us that “it is very important that we do not only see our bodies as places that can be harmed but also as bodies capable of experiencing deep love, pleasure and liberation.” Our youth (and really all of us!) deserve to know and practice that. During our time together, participants will engage in word-association activities, written reflections, and self- assessments to unpack personal biases and values around pleasure–as well as have the opportunity to explore and brainstorm strategies and tactics to incorporate the P-word into classrooms and learning spaces. Why? Because we all deserve to feel good– including our young people!

S.L.A.M.-They Said The P Word

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