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Why should gift giving always be about other people? 

Gift yourself the experience of being a self-centered learner, who prioritizes their pleasure, sensuality, and satisfaction.


Curious about the feel of electricity and wax on the body? 

Eager to actualize your favorite spanking techniques/positions?


Join the S.P.A.C.E. team this December 16th, live & in-person for a fun-filled day of playful learning.


Whether you feel like a beginner or expert level lover, we want you here. Join an intentional community of folks who embody commitment to their pleasure. With no expectation of “getting it right,” this space welcomes you fully, sensually, hungrily to the next step of your personal sexual liberation.


There is an optional open-bar & raffle entry add-on for $21.11

eat, drink and have a merry.png

MUST BE 21 Years+ 

Please note this is not a play party. These are a series of (3) interactive workshops, where yes you may be touched/touching (with consent), but that is about it!


If you are femme/nonbinary/gnc/nonCISman, and interested in playing after our workshops- Sucia Femme (hosts of our venue location) will be having a play party right after (8PM-2AM). That ticket is separate and costs $55, this is a negotiated discounted rate from the original $80-140 scale. To attend, you must complete their vetting form here. 

*Once vetted, please remember to write in "Pleasure Space" on your Sucia Femme registration.

** Venue & Event Policies ** 

This is a limited seating event, in a two-floor space that utilizes stairs. There are no ramps/elevators, making it an inaccessible space for many. 

We require that attendees show photo proof of a negative covid-19 rapid test upon entry. Masks are encouraged but not required and will be provided at the door. 

Bathrooms are gender inclusive. 

Venue is shoeless so please come understanding that shoes will be removed at the door. Wear your comfiest socks! 


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