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The S.L.A.M

Sexuality Liberators And Movers 


Join us for the first cyber skill building conference dedicated solely to sexperts: budding & established.

The idea for this conference was, like most new things, created out of necessity.  With social distancing become routine, more educators and learners are leaning on technology.

So...How can we continue the conference experience with none of the risk? By bringing the same level of intentionality and quality training directly to the audience. 

Organizer, Stephanie Zapata has been a sex educator, trainer and speaker for nearly a decade. In all her years providing keynotes, workshops, and trainings, she noticed one thing: opportunities for skill building are far and few and f*cking expensive!

Far- Not accessible for all/most folx

Few- Key conferences take place once a year…months apart.

F*cking expensive- Conferences/full-day trainings often charge a minimum of $400…without including travel, meals, lodging, courting potential new baes ,etc... You know, #Necessities.

It was clear something needed to happen…and it had to be this.



The conference will consist of 6 workshops to choose from, plus an opening and closing keynote.

                                                    Featured speakers include: 

Stephanie Zapata

Dr. Wendasha Hall

Cindy Lee Alves

Cameron Glover


Dr. Tracie Gilbert

Dr. Donna Oriowo

Robin Wilson-Beattie










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Tickets will be sold in 3 tiers in an effort to make the content affordable for the participants, and fair to the speakers pockets.

We encourage participants to practice financial responsibility aka Honor Code when registering. 


For any sessions you cannot attend, the facilitator may choose to sell access to the recorded version at the end of the conference. Conference Staff will manage this with individual facilitators and send out a mass e-mail notifying all participants of cost and procedure. Note: *Facilitators who do this, do so individually and not as part of the conference registration. They are small business owners and entrepreneurs who set their own sustainable prices. The SLAM Conference supports their autonomy. *


For groups of 4 or more people, SLAM can provide an invoice for quick and easy registration. Please e-mail


ACCESSIBILITY INFO: All speakers and sessions will utilize power point and accessible designs for inclusivity. Slides will be formatted with clean font (Verdana or Arial), minimum size 24, with strongly contrasting colors, and Alt text for all images. Speakers will have slides available in PDF format, as well as pre-typed transcription of their session. Each file will be linked in the talk when it begins. LIVE Closed Captioning will be provided for all talks through PowerPoint.

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