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Everybody wants to have (or believes they are already having) GOOD S3X-

And everybody wants to live a good life. 


Just so happens that we often set aside time/plans for the good life, forgetting that good s3x can be a critical part of that.


Gift yourself the experience of becoming a self-centered learner, who prioritizes their care, sensuality, and satisfaction. Let’s find out how full you can feel when intentionally relishing in your desires. 


Whether you feel like a beginner or expert level lover, we want you here. Join an intentional community of folks who embody commitment to their pleasure. With no expectation of “getting it right,” this space welcomes you fully, sensually, hungrily to the next step of your personal sexual liberation.


 These workshops exist at the intersection of professional and personal; creating space for participants to integrate lessons in respective work (as s3x therapists, educators, professional doms, etc)​ and in self pursuit of play. 


All sessions take place virtually via Zoom between 8:00PM-9:30PM (EST time zone). There will be one workshop per day. All sessions will utilize closed captions and be recorded with access available for 2 weeks. 


Tuesday, December 12th: Mx. Sizzle -RACKS on RACKS

Wednesday, December 13th: Marla Renee Stewart- Using Sensual Kink to Embrace Your Inner Sadist

Thursday, December 14th: Amy LaPaix- Intimate Vision Boarding for Your Senses, Sex, & Spirit

Friday, December 15th: Steph- Sensual Communication

Luna Matata's Daddy session will be pre-recorded and available "on-demand" during the entirety of the conference + 2 weeks post

Want to keep the fun going in-person?

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