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Conference Speaker

Select this option if you are coordinating a conference or summit and need an engaging #UnprofessionalProfessional Speaker!

Staff/Board Trainer

Want to get your staff to the next critical thinking level?

Select this option for staff or board member training.

Fan favorites include:

White Supremacy in Sex Education

Understanding & Unpacking Privilege

Microaggressions in the Work Place

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

The Truth About EBI's

Facilitation Skills

 Anti-Oppression in Non-Profits

Gatekeeping and What Not to Do

Sex Positivity and Safety (YES. The two can co-exist!)

Reproductive Justice 101

Implementing Intersectionality and Inclusiveness


*Can be virtual through webinar or in-person*


Youth/Young Adult Workshop

Have a group of young people eager to learn?

Select this option for all youth based workshops (elementary through college).


Topics range from:

Defining and Understanding Sexuality

LGBTQ Identities

Becoming an Accomplice vs Ally

Healthy Relationships

 Drafting Boundaries and Self-Care Techniques

Communication Styles

 Reproductive Justice Framework for Organizing

Gender and Violence

 Colonization and Gender Restrictions & more! 

Curriculum Revision

Select this option if you have an existing curriculum

that’s in decent-ish shape but could use a face lift or two.

Stephanie will work with you to get the curriculum as inclusive, racially and historically

relevant, anti-restrictive and engaging as possible.

Want to throw the whole book away and start over? Lets goooo!

 Work one on one with Stephanie to draft your ideal curriculum.

Custom Curriculum Revision


None of the others fit what you're looking for? Don't worry!


Stephanie is available for projects and engagements that fall outside of the listed topics.

Give as much detail as you can about your vision and let's get to work! 

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