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 Pronoun series:

They / She 



Steph Zapata is a well-seasoned, award-winning, NuyoRican sexuality educator, & space creator. 


They have become a long-term catalyst for change within sexuality education through their radically intentional approaches that call out systems of oppression, and call-in individuals and community to disrupt & reimagine what can be. 


Their work focuses on collective liberation tactics through innovative and honest sex ed that creates space for the whole self, and the whole truth. 


Steph is a self-titled Unprofessional Professional who offers no apology for the disruption of white supremacy through the joy of decolonial sexuality education. 

For some organizers who find their path on campus, their activism and community engagement fizzle out after leaving the school life. Others, however, were born to be long-term catalysts for change. Since moving on from her Bronx organizing Roots, Stephanie continues to practice catalytic innovation today.

She pursued her passion for gender & sexual visibility in education while working as a sex educator at some of NYC’s top non- profits. While doing that work, Stephanie realized that conventional sex education disregarded the needs of system-impacted communities - Black, Latin, low-income, and Queer communities especially. She also realized how crucial it is for health education to be centered around sexual/reproductive liberation, not just


Today, Stephanie is a social entrepreneur, who has created an educational consulting agency all her own. She has presented keynotes at over a countless major, notable health conferences, and provides training workshops that discuss sex education based on an anti-oppression and inclusive frameworks. Stephanie’s belief that sex education is an invaluable tool to dismantle major aspects of systematic oppression, has been embraced by many others in her field, and has led to opportunities to bring this insight to communities across the country. After recently being named one of B.E.Q. Magazines 40 LGBT Leaders Under 40, their more recent achievement, made a LOUD smash...ha...see what she did there?

In June of 2020, Stephanie successfully cultivated an entire virtual conference, (S.L.A.M), Sexuality Liberators and Movers Conference which brought together some of the country’s top sex educators and clinicians.


The conference is designed to give participants a more critical analysis in race, inclusive practices, environmental justice, and history through a liberatory sex education lens. Stephanie believes that through intentional centering and uplifting of contributors/voices of Color, we will finally begin to see true sexual liberation become not only a standard practice, but a reality.

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