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April 29-May 1st ,2024

Join esteemed sex educators, therapists,
and clinicians in creative pursuit of liberating, honest, affirming sexuality education.

This is sex ed that grows as we do.

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If you’ve ever wondered about my Krabby Patty secret formula – this is the pre-con for you.

If you are new to sexuality education, or reproductive justice – this is the pre-con for you.

If you’ve ever scratched your head at why curriculum and sex ed are the lackluster way that they are- my love, this is for you.

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Information, Accessibility, & Intentionality Disclosures:

  • This is a 100% virtual conference, hosted in EST time zone. 

  • All sessions will utilize captioning over zoom & be recorded.

  • All presenters will provide a PDF slide copy (if using slides), and a pre-typed transcription document.

  • NEW THIS YEAR: This is a 4-day offering, with intentional community break out groups programmed into the conference schedule. The groups are designed for networking, but primarily for information processing and application!

  • As you may know, we center, believe, and uplift the lived experiences of People of The Global Majority (BIPOC). The content we offer is not always comfortable to sit in. That is okay. There is space here for the difficult truths and the hard feelings that come when we unlearn misinformation and confront perpetuated harm.


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